Factory "Profilink Ltd. is equipped with latest generation instruments and extrusion lines," Greiner Extrusion GmbH "and extruders" Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH "- Austria, and Krauss Maffei - Germany, systems for mixing and transporting of leading German companies.
Windows from PVC - the unit that separates your home from outside. To achieve full comfort in the room, it prevents the passage of cold air and moisture, reduces temperature loss in the room and blocking noise from the external environment.

The window of PVC is an extremely important element in shaping the facade of your building. It should be easy to operate, reliable, mobile and of course long life.

All this gives you PVC window systems Profilink!
Profilink systems fully comply with the current trend for energy efficiency by reducing the energy used. Factors which determine the energy efficiency of this system are excellent Profilink: Heat transfer coefficient of windows is ready: U = (1.21-1.39) W/m2K, when the window is filled with glass with low emission glass, noise factor: Rw? 31dB. These indicators cover fully the international standards for heat preservation and energy conservation in buildings.
Ви Ес Джи Строй ООД - Алуминиева и ПВЦ дограма. Ви Ес Джи Строй ООД - Алуминиева и ПВЦ дограма.
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