REHAU profiles are class A and are produced only in Germany. Both systems are characterized by the following qualities:

Longer life
Longer life
RAU-PVC material is extremely weatherproof and easy to support. Thanks to him the windows retain their qualities for a long period of time during which your home increases its market value

Shapes and colors appropriate to the style of your building
Besides the classic white, are available and almost all colors of RAL.
PVC windows - REHAU
Soundproofing - according to your requirements
Systems REHAU Euro-Design 60 and REHAU Euro-Design 70 can achieve a high level of soundproofing - up to grade 4.

Ventilation and protection from moisture
REHAU AirComfort - intelligent ventilation system - an innovative system with a convincing effect.

Ви Ес Джи Строй ООД - Алуминиева и ПВЦ дограма. Ви Ес Джи Строй ООД - Алуминиева и ПВЦ дограма.
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